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Heritage Table

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To start the journey down the heritage table roll 1d10 to figure out what notable things an immediate ancestor did (grandparent +).  Then take that result and find the next table.  Each character gets 1 roll on the wheel of pain here.  The secondary tables are designed such that higher number result in better (or worse) results.  A Storyteller who doesn’t want to fall into that range can opt to cut all d10 rolls on those tables in half.

Flaws gained as a result of this table never award the character any points.  Likewise merits never cost any points.  A result that awards straight Honor or Glory gives it in temporary points unless it states ranks which are the permanent points. Although some effects would seem contradictory to the laws of genetics they can generally be handwaved for other reasons.

This table can be consulted at any point during the character creation process with minimum fuss but it was written with the mindset that it would be the last stage in the process to give a bit of extra flavor to the character in question. For the sake of variety if two player characters roll the same result one or both should re-roll.

This toss of the dice is the first stop on the Heritage trip. Roll a single d10 and compare the results below. Then find the next table (if indicated) and roll another d10 to determine the final results.

1:  Average: There are no other effects.  Your ancestors were a bland lot.

2-4:  Dishonorable: Genuinely malicious ancestors report here.

4-7:  Distinguished: Roll another d10 and see what level of distinguishment they attained.

8-9:  Mixed Blessings: It could be good or it could be bad.  Do you feel lucky today?

10:  Downright Weird: The most bizarre kind of ancestors to grace Street Fighter.


Dishonorable Ancestors

These people made a name for themselves with their notoriety. Will you follow in their footsteps?

1-2:  Coward:  At a critical moment your ancestor turned tail and ran away.  Eventually they were hunted down and punished for this transgression but other fighters wonder if you’ll follow their lead.  Lose one full rank each of Glory and Honor.  This can put you at negative ranks.

3-4:  Fool:  Your ancestor was a dundering blockhead who never seemed to get anything right.  Eventually they were forced out of their profession in shame.  Unfortunately you have a bit too much in common with them and are saddled with the Absent-Minded flaw.

5:  Criminal:  Your ancestor never believed in honest work.  They made their fortune and fame through underhanded deals.  Someone harmed through this behavior swore revenge but your ancestor died before that quest could be fullfilled.  Now that avenger looks to settle the score by going through you.  Gain a 3 point Foe from the Past.

6:  Debt:  Your ancestor was careless with their estate and racked up enormous debts.  Although it was eventually cleared up by friends and family you still feel you must make amends for the whole mess.  Gain a 4 point Obligation to your benefactors.

7:  Cursed:  Somewhere along the line the family was cursed and that curse has been carried on down through the generations.  You are saddled with the Bad Fortune flaw. If you already have Bad Fortune flaw then you get a Derangement instead.

8:  Betrayer:  Your ancestor betrayed those closest to them resulting in death and misery.  You begin the game with what is considered a permanent Honor of –1 and no one will trust you until you’ve worked off that debt. Once the negative level is "paid off" your permanent Honor immediately reverts to it's previous amount.

9:  Corrupted:  Your ancestor fell into the thrall of chaos such that they actively worked to corrupt other Street Fighters and make them see the folly of trying to resist.  If they are still alive they might track you down to join them.  Heck, even if they aren’t alive they might still track you down from the spirit realm.  Gain the Dark Secret or Haunted flaw as appropriate.

10:  Malevolent:  This is a step beyond simply being a pawn of the Dark Hado.  Your ancestor was almost a literal demon made real.  This results in 8 points of Flaws which you must endure and which the Storyteller decides.  Akuma is the penultimate example of this depravity.


Distinguished Ancestors

There are 3 categories of distinguishment.  Roll another d10 and compare.

1-5: The Warrior’s Road [Table A]

6-9:  A Civilian’s Life  [Table B]

10:  Tricksters and Charlatans [Table C]


Table A:  The Warrior’s Road

1-2:  Killed in Action:  Your ancestor was a soldier who fell in combat in the service of their country.  Gain +1 Honor or Glory.

3-4:  Death in the circuit:  Your ancestor was a Street Fighter back before there were commonly accepted rules to prevent unnecessary deaths.  They went down fighting and put up a good show but anyone close to you who knows of this history worries that you’ll meet the same fate.  The memory of your ancestor still lingers as tales of their demise are repeated.  Gain +2 Glory.

5:  Opened a dojo:  Your ancestor opened a dojo and trained other fighters in their style.  This heritage is open to interpretation and the Storyteller may assign up to 3 point in merits or flaws (but not both) depending on how that dojo turned out.

6:  Honorable Master:  Hailed as one of the best of their generation your ancestor never rose to what we would today call a World Warrior.  Nevertheless their reputation endures netting you +5 Honor in their memory – provided you don’t squander it.

7:  Tougher Than They Looked:  Your ancestor never settled down but always took their training seriously.  Always on the go they remained out of the limelight as much as they could afford to leading to more then a few challengers puzzled about why that “harmless old fool” kicked their ass.  You gain the High Endurance merit.

8:  Decorated Veteran:  Unlike the Killed in Action result above your ancestor went to war and came back more or less in one piece.  For their service they were awarded a promotion, prestige, and a more comfortable position away from the front lines.  The ramifications of this mean you have a few old friends of the family who still think fondly of your ancestor and wait to see how you’ll turn out.  Gain an extra freebie point which may only be spent on Backgrounds.

9:  Crimefighter:  Whether in a civilian police force, Interpol, the FBI, or the back alleys of urban combat your ancestor was a tireless crimefighter who struck terror into the hearts of their enemies and brought at least one crime syndicate to it’s knees.  Gain a full rank of Honor from tales of this heroism told to you in childhood.

10:  True Master:  Few attain this level of mastery over their style.  Your ancestor happened to be one of them.  They innovated and advanced the style with new maneuvers and ways of addressing weak points in the style itself.  Virtually all World Warriors fall into this category.  You gain an extra 3 freebie points which may only be spent on techniques or maneuvers.


Table B: A Civilian’s Life

1-2: Human Rights Activist: Your ancestor went out into the world and helped by joining an international relief organization.  You gain +1 Glory and +2 Honor in their memory.

3-4: Non-elected Civil Servant:  Serving their community with dignity and pride your ancestor made plenty of allies.  Over the years your family worked to stay in touch with them resulting in you gaining +1 to the Allies background (community related).

5: Public Officer: Whether elected or appointed your ancestor managed to keep ahold of a sense of honor while in office.  They may not have been well liked but they got the job done without trampling on anyone.  You gain +3 Honor.

6: Diplomat: Being a foreign ambassador is no easy task but your ancestor managed to get the job done.  You gain +1 Etiquette from reading their memoirs or practicing firsthand with your respectable family.

7: Respected Inventor or Engineer: Your ancestor served with the Army Corps of Engineers or an equivalent organization helping to build vital infrastructure.  After they died they left you books and notes to pass on their wisdom.  You gain +1 Computer, Craft, or Repair.

8: Died to save others in a Disaster: When the chips were down your ancestor made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save others.  They were awarded posthumous rewards and you gain +5 Honor in their memory as you try to reconcile the obligations of duty and the ever present sacrifice you could be called to make.

9: Renowned Scholar: Your ancestor wrote many books about their field which are still in use today.  Having grown up with them studying them in school or in your spare time proved to be a breeze.  You gain +1 to two Knowledges.

10:  Famous Artist: They might have been a bit eccentric and unwelcome at dinner but their devotion to their vision was worthy of respect.  A foundation established by your ancestor provides art education to youngsters – yourself included.  You gain +1 to two related Talents or Knowledges.


Table C:  Tricksters and Charlatans

1-3: Con artist who was never caught: Your ancestor was a charlatan all right.  They lied, deceived, and swindled their way through life but always had a smile to go along with it.  You’ve learned a bit about the family “business” over the years resulting in a +1 bonus to Streetwise.

4-6: Corrupt Politician:  Your ancestor managed to get things done for their constituents but through less then honorable methods.  However they were able to keep things from getting out until after they were comfortably retired.  There is no secret about what they did but your family still tells tales and “tips” about how to work the system.  You gain +1 Bureaucracy.

7: Quack Doctor: Like the political entry above but your ancestor was able to pass themselves off as a legitimate physician long enough to accrue a nice nest egg and skip the country.  Despite the bad press your ancestor did have some modicum of skill.  You gain +1 Medicine from reading about their cases (and in some instances learning what not to do).

8: Inventor?: There are plenty of stories about shoddy construction methods and engineering practices whose faults weren’t discovered until disaster struck.  Your ancestor helped in this regard by cutting corners to save costs, signing off on projects that never should have seen the light of day, and putting on just enough of a show to convince everyone around them that they were trustworthy.  Gain +1 Subterfuge.

9: Crime Boss: Are you by any chance related to the mafia?  Chances are your family is still embroiled in criminal obligations.  Despite how much you might want to ignore them you can never completely disconnect with your heritage.  Due to necessity you’ve learned how to negotiate with unsavory types gleaning a +2 bonus to Streetwise.  However your knowledge of the inner workings of the organization means you carry a Dark Secret.

10: Media Mogul: Deals made in boardrooms are just as cut throat as any hammered out on a street corner.  Your ancestor built a company worth billions out of the blood, sweat, and tears of their workers.  Emphasis on the blood part.  Your family provides for you affording +2 to Resources but only so long as you behave yourself – a 3 point Obligation.


Mixed Blessings

Uh oh, these ancestors mean you got passed a mixed bag of good fortune laced with just enough bitter poison to make you wish they hadn’t been quite so helpful.

1-3: Bland!: You luck out.  Your ancestors were fairly normal people. Gain 1 freebie point to reflect the fact that you managed to get a decent education and stay out of trouble.

3-4: Eccentric Artist: If you have any interests in the arts, at all, you are endlessly asked when your first masterpiece is due and what your opinion is about your ancestor.  In the art world you are treated as if you had an extra point of Status then you actually have.

5: Known Fighter: Neither glorious nor especially honorable your ancestor could put up a good fight and pleased crowds but never managed to get past rank 6 in the circuit (if they fought in a circuit).  Gain +1 Glory.

6: Debtor: Your ancestor racked up a nice debt which has never been fully paid off.  Chances are you’ll be asked to make necessary reparations and after all this time it isn’t likely to be in money.  This is a 2 point Obligation.

7: Heirloom: You inherited an object that carries great sentimental value to your family.  This is a 2 point Obligation to protect the object but so long as you fullfill your duty you have +1 to all your social rolls involving your family.

8: Multi-Style Ancestor: Maybe your great grandfather just couldn’t decide what style he wanted to pursue and so he mish-mashed several together.  Maybe he was just a lunatic with a penchant for snubbing the establishment.  The result is that you may choose a second style during character creation and spend your starting power points on maneuvers from that style.  This only applies to the starting pool.

9: Spirit “Guide”: One of your ancestors – even one from centuries ago – has taken a keen interesting in making sure you live up to their standards.  You get the merit Ancestor Spirit for free but most of the time you’ll wish they’d just shut up.

10: Non-human Ancestry: Your ancestor was an Animal Hybrid.  This gives no benefit or penalty on it’s own but can be an excuse to be a hybrid yourself.


Downright Weird

A step beyond mixed, these ancestors were some of the most unusual people of their time.  Whether from inhuman blood or trade secrets passed down through the years you gain both the social stigma of being different and the benefit of your heritage.

1: Unusual Performer: Being an actor on the silver screen just wasn’t good enough for your ancestor.  They had to take it on the road bringing joy and confusion to crowds across the country.  Choose what kind of performance art your ancestor specialized in and gain +1 to two related Skills.

2: Pirates!: Your ancestor was a scurvy sea dog and not of the romantic Hollywood variety either.  Although you yourself don’t follow in their footsteps you keep some memorabilia from the old days.  Choose between a free Heirloom or a Special Gift that costs one less point for you.

3: Ninjas!: Ninjas have acquired a mythical persona in modern times owing to legends of mystical powers.  Whatever the truth of the matter is you happen to be a ninja’s descendant.  You gain 2 points of Allies (ninja clan) but also 3 points of Enemies (rival clans).  Note that you needn’t even be aware of your heritage for the above to apply.

4: Space Explorer: The ability to travel into space hasn’t been around for long so this heritage can also apply to pre-modern astronomers who contributed to mapping the stars and the technology required.  You gain +1 to a related Knowledge.

5: Magic-User: Was it real magic or what modern Street Fighters know as Focus maneuvers? The answer has been lost to time but you still wonder.  Gain +1 Enigmas for searching for the answer in your childhood although it continues to elude you.

6: Monk or Holy Person: Although never remarkable your ancestor did some good in the world with little more than soothing words.  They left behind writings about their faith and it’s applications to everyday life.  By studying them you’ve gained some insight into how to improve your fighting techniques.  You gain 1 rank one Kata or Rite for free.

7: Exiled: It may have been unjust or the simple conjunction of events outside of their control but your ancestor paid the price by being banished from their homeland.  Your ethnic heritage will differ from the culture around you and for this your are grateful but bad memories still dwell in the hearts of your ancestor’s people.  When you are in that area of the world you are considered to have 3 fewer ranks of Honor and Glory.  This does not change your actual Honor and Glory.

8: Shaman: Very few people possess the gift of communication with animals.  You do not share this trait with your ancestor (as far as you know) but animals seem easy enough to understand.  Each dot in the Animal Companion background costs 1 less point for you.

9: Psychic Powers: This is much like the Shaman entry above but instead of animals your ancestor could easily pick up on the subtle flow of information between people.  Regardless of what style you practice the Focus maneuvers Mind Reading and Telepathy are always considered to be of that style for you.

10: Dimensional Traveler: This is the most bizarre heritage one will find in Street Fighter and the least understood by it’s denizens.  The Storyteller will choose 5 points of merits and flaws to define this heritage which may or may not be revealed to you during character creation.